David M. Gordon, Composer - Compositions
All of the following works are available for purchase, and free PDF samples of certain scores are available upon request. For more information, contact David M. Gordon.
Toy Gamelan Manifesto (2017)
for 2 Percussionists
Duration: 14'
Written for the Quey Percussion Duo
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Mysteria Incarnationis (2015)
for Soprano, Violin, and Prepared Piano
I. Shbih hakimo
II. Man hi tamrah
III. Manu yab lo (Lullaby 1)
IV. Manu mse dnimar

V. Lo aten ber (Lullaby 2)
VI. Brikh hu dlo sokh destayakh
Duration: 37'
Text: Selections from Hymns on the Nativity, St. Ephrem (Syriac)
Written for Paul and Kayleen Sánchez
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Studies on the Pythagorean Gong (2013)
for Soprano Steelpan
I. Symphony of Limbs
II. Dyadic Lullaby
III. Clockwork Labyrinth
IV. Perpetuum Mobile
Duration: 11'30"
Written for Liam Teague
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Jigsaw Zither (2012)
for Solo Berimbau Player and 5 Live or Recorded Berimbau Players
Duration: 9'30"
Written for Gregory Beyer and the NIU Bau House
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Just As I Am, Without One Plea (2012)
for Soprano, Alto Flute, and Piano
Duration: 5'
Text: Just As I Am, Without One Plea, C. Elliot (English)
Written for the Chicago New Arts Trio
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Gratias agimus tibi (for HW) (2012)
for Orchestra
Duration: 7'
Written for the Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra
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Labyrinthus Musicus (2012)
for Saxophones (1 player) and Prepared Piano
Duration: 14'
Written for Joren Cain
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On Love (2011)

for Soprano and Piano
Duration: 2'30"
Written for Nick Cherone and Shannon Smith
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Apocryphal Dances (2010)
for Prepared Piano and 4 Percussionists
I. Yxoi Eth Drazhim
II. The Parakeet Coil
III. Sesquilinear Tango
IV. Churghin Taqma
Duration: 15'
Written for the Wheaton College Percussion Ensemble
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Fanfare (in Memoriam Igor Stravinsky) (2010)

for Chamber Orchestra
Duration: 2'30"
Written for the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
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Quasi Sinfonia (2008)
for 16 Players
I. Allarmi
II. Ritual
III. Tema con variazioni
IV. Allarmi e campane
Duration: 24'
Written for Contempo
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The Serpentine Harp (2007)
for Amplified Harpsichord (in 1/2-comma meantone temperament)
Duration: 8'30"
Written for Daniel Paul Horn
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Diclavis Enorma (2007)
for Keyboards (1 Player) and CD
I. Motus Perpetuus
II. Musica Ornata
III. Passacaglia
Duration: 13'
Written for Tim Smile
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The Dowry Negotiation (2007)
for SSAA Choir and Percussion
Duration: 7'
Text: Phonetic Sounds (IPA)
Written for the Wheaton College Women's Chorale
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Nocturne (2005)
for Piano
Duration: 4'
Written for Lisa Kaplan
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Speaking in Tongues (2004)
for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Waterphone
Duration: 16'
Written for the Pacifica Quartet
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Sequentarium (2004)
for 3 Accordions
I. Imitatio
II. Oquetus
III. Ymnus
IV. Quodlibet
V. Cantus
Duration: 20'
Written for the Motion Trio
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Shivchei Yir'ah ve-Simcha (2003)
for 5 Voices, Violin, Cello, and Prepared Piano
Duration: 22'
Text: Psalms 93, 97, 111, 117, and 148 (Hebrew)
Commissioned by Aguavá New Music Ensemble
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Fader, stilla våra andar (2002)
for Soprano and Piano
Duration: 5'
Text: Father, Give a Tranquil Spirit, E. Hawkinson (Swedish)
Written for Valerie J. Gordon
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Friction Systems (2002, revised 2005)
for 6 Players
Duration: 14'
Written for eighth blackbird
Recorded on eighth blackbird's strange imaginary animals
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Steelpan Concerto (2001)
for Soprano Steelpan and Orchestra
I. Fantasia
II. Moto Perpetuo
Duration: 20'
Written for Liam Teague
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Circumflexus (2001)
for Alto Saxophone
Duration: 7'
Written for Joren Cain
Recorded on Joren Cain's Voices of Dissent
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Canticum (2000)
for Flute, Violin, and Guitar
Duration: 8'30"
Written for the Tarutelin Trio
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A Song of Ascents (1999)
for Soprano and Prepared Piano
Duration: 14'
Text: Psalm 121 (Hebrew)
Written for Valerie J. Gordon
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Kyrie (1999)
for SSAATTBB Choir
Duration: 6'
Text: Kyrie (Greek)
Written for the Northern Illinois U. Chamber Choir
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Loop Drone (1999)
for Double Seconds Steelpans (1 player) and Balinese Gamelan
Duration: 8'
Written for Seion Gomez and Han Kuo-Huang
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Hollow Psalm (1998, revised 2009)
for Javanese Gamelan and Orchestra
Duration: 12'
Commissioned by the Chicago Sinfonietta
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Cat-King-Caterpillar (1997)
for 7 Players
Duration: 7'30"
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The Wheel (1996)
for Marimba and 2 Percussionists
Duration: 6'30"
Written for Mark Marzocco
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Butcher Shop (1996)
for Soprano, Piano, and 7 Percussionists
Duration: 24'
Text: Butcher Shop, C. Simic (English)
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Psalm in Opposition (1995)
for Javanese Gamelan and 6 Percussionists
Duration: 4'30"
Written for the Northern Illinois U. Javanese Gamelan
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Apep and the Void (1994)
for Wind Ensemble
Duration: 10'30"
Written for the Carl Sandburg H.S. Symphonic Band
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In the Dragon's Court (1993)
for 10 Percussionists
Duration: 6'
Written for the Carl Sandburg H.S. Percussion Ensemble
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